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About OBX Bee’s

Dear Current and Future customers,

I was thinking about the best way for you to know my company and decided that the best way to know the company is to know its owner.

I started working when I was a small kid by going with my father (he does framing) to construction sites and picking up trash, for which he would give me a few dollars. At 14 I quit school and started working full time in a hotel. My first job was to clean and take out trash. I am really grateful to the owner of that hotel, as he was a role model for me and taught me a lot. After 6 years of service I left my position as Head of Maintenance to work for a larger company and do Maintenance as well. While working for a year at a larger, locally-owned company I was lucky enough to meet people there that set a great example for me, and I started OBX BEE’S Maintenance and Repair at age 21.

Nemo with OBX Bee's Truck

Even though I knew that I could do a good job, I was pleasantly surprised by how many people would refer me and my crew to their friends, relatives and clients. Nearly 90% of our work comes from referrals. Some of the reasons for that are:

– I do the work myself with my people, so I can guarantee the quality of the job we do.

– I do not drink or smoke and I forbid every one of my crew to do it at work or come drunk.

– I am a simple person and am not trying to trick anyone into paying an unfair price. You always know how much you are paying for labor and reimbursing for supplies.

– I give my customers a written labor estimated cost that they can compare with any others.

– I am a responsible person, and my customers are always updated on what stage of work we are in.

– OBX BEE’S Maintenance and Repair operates on the weekends, holidays and after business hours.

– To give great customer service is my pride and my money because my company is built on reputation.

I am proud to say that almost every single customer that OBX BEE’S Maintenance and Repairs has served so far would like us to come back to do more work for them. Some of the house owners that have beach houses here and are renting them out to tourists are recommending us to their rental companies to be a permanent handyman for their properties while they are not here.

I hope this website will help me to show you how dedicated OBX BEE’S Maintenance and Repairs crews are to give you a great customer experience and worry free renovation.

Sincerely yours,
Nemo Salazar